Correct my grammar, you hottie librarian! 
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I listen to a lot of podcasts during my commute and when walking Dexter and by far my favorite is Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast, a weekly sex advice podcast (Savage also writes the syndicated Savage Love newspaper column and you may recall that he is the coiner of santorum, the 2004 ADS Most Outrageous WOTY.)

Well, this week Savage takes a call from a guy who has a girlfriend with a grammar fetish. She’s not simply a prescriptivist, but literally gets off on correcting the grammar of others. Even though the call is almost certainly a hoax, both the caller and Savage are screamingly funny. Choice tidbits include:

She wants me to, like, yell out a certain rule of grammar while we’re in bed.

I feel I should respect her fetish more than I do, but it’s grammar.

How did she introduce this to you? “Oh by the way, I have a grammar fetish, Funk and Wagnall’s by the bed not a coincidence.” Or is she a Chicago Manual of Style girl?

You caught her masturbating to a grammar podcast!?

Eventually you’ll be able to use ain’t incorrectly and be corrected while she moans and groans, or hand her an essay with there, their, and they’re misused and drive her to the heights of ecstacy.

The podcast (episode #64) can be found here and is also available for free on iTunes. The call in question is towards the end, starting at 31:40 into the podcast. (Warning: The podcast contains frank and explicit discussion of sexuality and sexual problems, is replete with four-letter-words, and is not for everyone’s taste. It is most definitely not safe for work.)

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Sounds like it would make a great comedy scene in a movie. I really want to see how it is played out.