Reporting Spam
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Regarding Dave’s comment in the SCAM thread:

Dave Wilton - 28 January 2008 06:35 AM

And in the future when someone posts something abusive or spam, don’t reply to it. I’ll catch it and delete it. If you want to email me, that’s fine, it may make the deletion happen sooner.

I’d rather you not send me a private message. That just adds a step as I don’t monitor it and all that happens is that I get sent an email saying someone has sent me a private message and then I have to go to the private message mailbox to read it. It saves a step to just send an email.

I reported a case of spam yesterday or the day before using the [ report ] option at the top of the post.  Is this the equivalent of the private message or does Dave get it directly?

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I think it’s best to use dave at wordorigins dot org

It seems to go directly to his inbox and he reads and responds right away.  At least that’s how I’ve been doing it.

The email option in his profile might well do that same thing.

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Yes, the “report” link goes to private messaging. I get a notice like “Faldage has sent you a private message” in my email, but I have no idea of the content. Usually I will only check the private message inbox once a day, and then only if I get an notice that something is waiting there. Email is quicker because I read it several times a day.

Of course, it’s better to report spam in any manner than not at all. I’ll see the private message, just not as quickly.