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I hadn’t realized I had turned off this feature (or the default is off and I never changed it). You can now link to images in addition to attaching them. You do this by enclosing the image URL in tags like this:




And it comes out like this:


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Thanks Dave.


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List members who want to do this should bear in mind these facts:
1) Every time anyone looks at a page containing one of these hotlinked images (as they are called) the server on which the image is stored is called upon to provide it.
2) This may slow down the loading of the page.
3) If the image is stored on a low-bandwidth server, say for a personal site, it may seriously impact the performance of the server (and exacerbate slow downloading of the page).
4) If the server on which the picture is stored isn’t yours, the owner of the site may resent this “theft of bandwidth” (as it’s often called).
5) Many netizens regard hot-linking to images on other people’s sites as bad manners, if not outright theft.
6) Owners of sites that have been affected by hotlinking may retaliate in various ways, ranging from simply changing the URL of the image or removing the image to altering the image in ways that are intended to embarrass the hotlinker.  They may also block hotlinking entirely.

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True enough . A good netizen should save the image on his or her own computer if allowed , and use the attach feature . Many sources will simply cut your image link if you haven’t asked permission to use it as a hotlink .


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