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In order to post comments to this site and to post topics and replies to the discussion forum, you must become a member of Membership is not required to read the site or the discussion forums.

We invite you to join the site, take part in the discussions about word origins and language in general, and provide us comments and feedback about the site’s content.

To join, you must supply us with a valid email address. This email address will not be shared with any third party. See our privacy policy for more information about what information we collect on members and others who visit our site and what we use it for. We do not provide any personal information to third parties.

Rules for posting comments to the site and posts to the discussion forums:

1. No spam or commercial solicitations are permitted.

2. No ad hominem attacks. If you take issue with something that is written on the site, take issue with the content, not the person who wrote it. Ribbing in good humor is fine, just be careful not to take it too far.

3. No pornographic or racist comments. Discussion and use of “four-letter words” and racial terms are fine, so long as the discussion is conducted in a spirit of inquiry and with proper decorum.

4. Political or religious discussions are prohibited unless they have to do with political or religious terms and usage. If your personal political or religious experience is relevant to the particular linguistic point at hand you are welcome to share it, but this is not the place to espouse your political views or to save our souls.

5. Comments and posts that provide patently false information will be deleted. This site is intended to provide accurate information on etymologies. It is okay to post speculation, cool stories, etc. But if you represent these as the truth they will be deleted. In other words, no trolling.

6. There is no rule #6.

7. Violation of the rules will result in deletion of the offending message. Multiple violations will result in banishment from the forum, condemning you to a life of friendless wandering in the nether reaches of cyberspace.

8. Use of pseudonyms and anonymous screen names is perfectly acceptable. However, posting messages under the name of another user will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in your immediate banning from the group. Notification of the abuse will also be sent to the offender’s ISP.

9. Dispensation for violations of the above may be given if I think they are really, really funny.

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