Hog On Ice & Other Books By C.E. Funk

There is no better argument for why copyright should be limited to 25 years than this series of books. This series is a classic of popular etymology, now woefully out of date and kept alive in reprints by greedy publishers willing to take money from a public that does not suspect that this book is no longer relevant.

Funk, C. E. (1948). A hog on ice and other curious expressions. New York, Harper & Row.

Funk, C. E. (1950). Thereby hangs a tale: stories of curious word origins. New York, Harper & Row.

Funk, C. E. (1955). Heavens to Betsy! and other curious sayings. New York, Perennial Library.

Funk, C. E. and C. E. Funk (1958). Horsefeathers, and other curious words. New York, Harper

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