Jupiter & Neptune

This isn’t the greatest of images, but it does show a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. Neptune is the dot near the top of the frame. The moon below Jupiter is Europa, the one close in above Jupiter is Io, and the one above and somewhat more distant is Calisto.

Jupiter is way overexposed in order to show its moons and Neptune, so there is no surface detail. This wasn’t a planned shot; at the end of the night I just snapped away in hopes I might get something.

Shot 27 June 2009; Fremont Peak State Park, California; ISO 800, 7 images of various exposures—each less than a second, f/5.2, Canon EOS 5D & Televue NP127is. Calibration, alignment, & stacking with Images Plus 3.0; other post-processing with Photoshop CS4.

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