New Registration Procedure

We’ve been having a big problem with robo-spammers on the forums. As a result, I’ve changed the procedure for registering new accounts. So if you’ve been having trouble with your account being deleted shortly after registering, please try again. This new procedure does not affect those already registered and who can successfully post to the board.

After you fill in the registration info (username, password, etc.), I will have to manually approve the registration. Please send me an email at that convinces me you are an actual human being, and I will activate your account. This “Turing test” should eliminate the robo-spammers.

You don’t need to be a registered member to read anything on this site. Everything here is open to the public. But to post comments on the forums or to blog posts you need to register. (Comments to blog posts are currently turned off, but I’ll be turning them back on once I’m convinced the spammers are under control.)

Note that I will still be monitoring new accounts and deleting those that consist of nothing but links to commercial web sites. I don’t run this site as a free advertising or search-engine-ranking-boosting service. (If you want to advertise here, you’ll have to pay me.) There is nothing wrong with participants on this site posting links to their web sites in their profiles, but just creating a profile so you can have a link to your site from this one is not cool.

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