OED December Update: ray-gun to reality TV

The Oxford English Dictionary just released its latest quarterly update. This quarter covers the words from ray-gun to reality TV, plus a few updated and new terms from elsewhere in the alphabet.

This is more than just a quarterly update, however; it’s another quarter milestone, too. With this update, the new edition of the OED is 25% complete. The new third edition now contains 263,917 entries with 741,153 senses, illustrated by 2,931,547 quotations.

Notable new or updated words in this update include:

  • ew, int., an expression of disgust
  • plus-one, n., a person who accompanies another to an event as that person’s nominated guest, but who has not been specifically invited
  • podcasting, n., use of the Internet to make available digital recordings of broadcasts
  • Rashomon, n., something resembling or suggestive of Kurosawa’s 1951 film of that name, esp. in being characterized by multiple conflicting or differing versions, perspectives, or interpretations

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