Roundup of Linguistic Stories

Here are a bunch of items that I’ve been meaning to post, but the semester’s workload has kept me from. (And since I awoke at 3 am, unable to get back to sleep, now seems as good a time as any.)

Jonathan Green’s three-volume Dictionary of Slang has finally been published. I’m looking forward to seeing the University of Toronto’s copy, because at $450 I’m not buying it.

This is a rather geeky posting on the use of the LaTex word processor in Stæfcræft & Vyākaraṇa. Also of note, thanks to Languagehat highlighting it, I stumbled across this one on transliteration and unicode.

The British Library is making images of a number of its Latin and Greek manuscripts available for viewing online. (Hat tip to Languagehat)

The blog Sentence First has a nice post on Received Pronunciation and how social pressures enforced its use.

Geoffrey Pullum over at Language Log discusses embiggen and the coining of new words and getting credit in the OED for the feat.

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