Rules For The Revolution: Fair Use

From time to time we discuss issues having to do with copyright and intellectual property here at For those interested, there is a fairly new podcast on the subject called Rules For The Revolution. It’s hosted by Colette Vogele, an intellectual property lawyer here in the Bay Area and a non-resident fellow at Stanford’s Center for Internet & Society. Rules For The Revolution is geared primarily for those producing podcasts (lots of discussion about copyright of audio), but it is also of interest to anyone who is producing or using any kind of copyrighted material.

Episode 11 of the RFTR podcast is all about fair use of copyrighted material. It features an interview with Tony Falzone, executive director of the Stanford Fair Use Project. If you’ve ever wanted a concise, legal interpretation of the fair use doctrine give this a listen. You can also subscribe via iTunes. The RFTR podcast is free.

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